Redwood Avenue

Outdoor living is a key feature of Redwood Avenue – a community comprising of 47 five - and six-bedroom luxury villas in Dubai overlooking the world-class Fire course, located within walking distance from the Clubhouse.

Each quality home benefits from individually designed plots, which have been carefully designed by expert landscape architects. Redwood’s beautifully landscaped public areas, parks and nature strips make it the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors. Natural stone, mosaics and water features reflect the neighbourhood’s Mediterranean theme, while rock gardens add a local flavour to the landscape.

Homeowners have a choice of eleven architectural styles and four interior schemes, exclusively designed by B&B Italia – the world’s leading Interior and Furniture Company, or the unique opportunity to design their own home.

Project features:

  1. 47 individually designed villas
  2. Overlooking the Fire Course
  3. 3-car garage
  4. Detached guest cottage
  5. Basement gym/home theatre
  6. External walls of the villa building is completed and painted, external windows and doors is ready, therefore villa from outside will look ready. This will include boundary walls, drive way and gates. Inside plastering, first coat of paint will be ready, false ceiling is completed and first coat painted
  7. MEP, AC system complete including linear diffusers
  8. MEP, Plumbing complete to 1st fix standard including potable & grey water tanks and pumps
  9. No tiles, no final paint, no sanitary installed, no joinery works, no kitchen
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